6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

All Geopolitics is Local: How States are Responding to Cyber Threats in the Digital Age

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Recent reporting indicates that sophisticated adversaries, including Russia and Iran, are taking steps to “prep the battlefield” for a potential large-scale cyber attack on the United States. In such an instance, it is state and local officials across the country—not federal leaders in Washington—who would be on the front-lines. Although cyber attacks occur in the digital realm, their effects can manifest physically, requiring a physical response. In the case of a high consequence, widespread attack on critical infrastructure, state and local involvement would be critical to response and recovery activities. States across the country recognize their indispensable role, and are taking steps to train the National Guard, engage the private sector, and create disruption response plans to prepare for the worst.

Please join us for a conversation presented by the Wilson Center's Science and Technology Innovation Program, the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, and the University of Southern California, to discuss how states are preparing for a cyber disruption event.

Note: panelists are subject to change.


  • Meg King, Director of the Digital Futures Projet


  • Col. Kenneth Donnelly, Louisiana National Guard;
  • Chetrice Mosley, Cybersecurity Program Director, State of Indiana;
  • Maj. General Michael Stone, Michigan Army National Guard