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All You Need to Know about Russian Hackers

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Webcast Recap

Russian hacking has grabbed the collective attention of the U.S. and EU as a potential threat to free elections, national security, and even social stability. In his presentation, Daniil Turovsky explained the actual mechanics of how Russian hackers join forces with one another, work for Russian security services, and carry out attacks on banks and government agencies. He also discussed the personal motivations of the hackers themselves.

Selected Quotes

“In the Russian hacker community, they have a rule: do not work in the .ru domain zone, because if you work in Russia, you will end up in jail.”

“In the last two years, my research and meetings with Russian hackers show that the work of these hackers is based on two lines: professional selection and criminal selection.”

“All Russian cyber armies and hacking groups are really separated. There is no one building where they sit and work all day. A lot of Russia hackers are in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.”