On July 22, 2008, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, the Harvard University Brazil Studies Program and the Brazil Institute hosted a seminar, "A Conversation on the Amazon." The seminar was followed by a cocktail reception. Speakers at the seminar included Paulo Artaxo, Professor of Environmental Physics, USP; Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute; and moderator Scot Martin, Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

Amazônia Photography is the result of the joint effort of the Woodrow Wilson Center's Brazil Institute, the Brazilian daily O Estado de S.Paulo, and the Harvard University Brazil Studies Program. The purpose of the exhibit is to highlight to Americans the domestic debate now taking place in Brazil regarding what is at stake in the struggle to preserve the planet's largest tropical forest. The more than 40 photographs presented in this exhibit are the work of four talented Brazilian photographers: Dida Sampaio, Jonne Roriz, José Luís Conceição and Ed Ferreira. These images were published in a 122-page special report published by Estado on November 25, 2007, just days before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change convened its meeting in Bali, Indonesia.

The focus of the report was a clear, yet complex and difficult question: "Can the Amazon be saved?" The answer provided in Estado's candid report—produced over three months of intense work by a team of seasoned investigative reporters and photographers—is at the same time hopeful and demanding: yes, the Amazon can be saved, but first we must learn about it. That means understanding its tragedies as well as the successful experiences that will help protect the world's richest display of biodiversity. The aim of this exhibit is to harness the public's attention on and stimulate discussion about the future of Brazil's biggest environmental resource and challenge.

An electronic version of the Amazônia Photography catalog is available below and can be mailed upon request. If you would like a copy, please email Alan.Wright@wilsoncenter.org.


  • Paulo Sotero

    Director, Brazil Institute
  • Paulo Artaxo

    Professor of Environmental Physics, USP
  • Scot Martin

    Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences