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Bangladesh on the Brink

Bangladesh, a nation with a history of volatile and sometimes violent politics, is entering into a critical political phase. National elections are scheduled to take place by the end of January, and the constitutionally mandated three-month interim period before elections began on October 25. The main opposition party has suggested it may boycott elections, and there are concerns that elections may not be held at all. William B. Milam will discuss his recent trip to Bangladesh, and Ali Riaz will offer broader context about Bangladesh’s political challenges in the weeks and months ahead.

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  • William B. Milam

    Senior Scholar
    Former Senior US Diplomat and Specialist in South Asia and West Africa. Ambassador to Pakistan (1998-2001); Ambassador to Bangladesh (1990-93); Chief of Mission in Liberia (1995-98); Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Finance and Development (1985-90)
  • Ali Riaz

    professor and chair, Department of Politics and Government, Illinois State University; former public policy scholar, Wilson Center