Book Launch—Bangladesh: A Political History Since Independence | Wilson Center
5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Book Launch—Bangladesh: A Political History Since Independence

Bangladesh is a country of paradoxes. The eighth most populous country of the world, it has attracted considerable attention from the international media and western policymakers in recent years, often for the wrong reasons: corruption, natural disasters caused by its precarious geographical location, and volatile political situations with several military coups, following its independence from Pakistan in 1971. Institutional corruption, growing religious intolerance, and Islamist militancy have reflected the weakness of the state and undermined its capacity. Yet the country has demonstrated significant economic potential and has achieved successes in areas such as female education, population control and reductions in child mortality. Bangladesh: A Political History Since Independence examines the political processes which engendered these paradoxical tendencies, taking into account the problems of democratization and the effects this has had, and will continue to have, in the wider South Asian region. At this event, author Ali Riaz will speak about his new book and William B. Milam will offer commentary.


  • Ali Riaz

    Professor, Department of Politics and Government, Illinois State University; Former Public Policy Scholar, Wilson Center
  • William B. Milam

    Public Policy Fellow
    Former Senior U.S. Diplomat and U.S. Ambassador in both South Asia and West Africa, with publications on both regions