Please join us at the Wilson Center to hear Robert Litan discuss his recently published book, Better Capitalism.  The book expands on the insights of the authors' widely praised previous book, Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, cowritten with William J. Baumal.  In Better Capitalism, Robert E. Litan and Carl J. Schramm focus on the huge – but often unrecognized – importance of entrepreneurship to overall economic growth.  They explain how changes in seemingly unrelated policy arenas – immigration, education, finance, and federal support of university research – can accelerate America’s recovery from recession and spur the nation’s rate of growth in output while raising living standards.  The authors also outline an innovative energy strategy and discuss the potential benefits of government belt-tightening steps.  Sounding an optimistic note when gloomy predictions are the norm, Litan and Schramm show that with wise and informed policymaking, the American entrepreneurial engine can rally and the true potential of the U.S. economy can be unlocked.