Book Launch: The House of Islam: A Global History | Wilson Center
5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Book Launch: The House of Islam: A Global History

Please join us for a look inside The House of Islam, a revelatory exploration of the intricacies of Islam and the inner psyche of the Muslim world, from the bestselling author of The Islamist, Ed Husain:

The gulf between Islam and the West is widening. A faith rich in strong values and traditions, observed by nearly two billion people across the world, is seen by the West as something to be feared rather than understood. Sensational headlines and hard-line policies spark enmity, while ignoring the feelings, narratives, and perceptions that preoccupy Muslims today. The decline of the Muslim world and the current crises of leadership mean that a glorious past, full of intellectual nobility and purpose, is now exploited by extremists and channeled into acts of terror.

How can Muslims confront the issues that are destroying Islam from within? What can the West do to help?



  • Ed Husain

    Global Fellow
    Senior Fellow, Civitas, Institute for the Study of Civil Society, Westminster, London


  • Bruce Hoffman

    Global Fellow
    Professor, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service; a visiting senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a senior fellow at the U.S. Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center