Books at Wilson: "Branding Humanity: Competing Narratives of Rights, Violence, and Global Citizenship"

Much international attention has been focused on conflicts in Sudan over the years. The conflict in Darfur attracted many high-profile international figures and activists, who campaigned for human rights and peace in the region. However, much less attention has been given to how local activists and those in the Sudanese diaspora have situated their notions of rights, nationalism, and identity.

In Branding Humanity: Competing Narratives of Rights, Violence, and Global Citizenship, Dr. Amal Hassan Fadlalla of the University of Michigan and a former Wilson Center fellow explores this question through interviews with Sudanese social actors, activists, and their allies at home and in the diaspora. Looking past the often-homogenous international view of conflict, the author considers how these different actors contest, reshape, and reclaim the stories of violence coming from the Sudan, as well as their own identities as migrants. She explores the clash of narratives mobilized by diverse actors with competing views of social, political, and identity issues. In Branding Humanity, Dr. Amal Hassan Fadlalla asks how debates about violence affect ethnic identity, disrupt meanings of national belonging, and rearticulate notions of solidarity and global affiliations.

Join the Wilson Center's Africa Program on Wednesday, January 23, from 1:00 to 2:00pm for the launch of Branding Humanity, featuring a discussion with Dr. Fadlalla and Dr. Marisa O. Ensor of the Justice and Peace Studies Program at Georgetown University. 

This is a Books at Wilson event. 




  • Amal Hassan Fadlalla

    Associate Professor of Women's Studies, Anthropology, and Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Marisa O. Ensor

    Research Professor, Justice and Peace Studies Program and Institute for the Study of International Migration, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University