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Brazil-USA Economic Relations: A Partnership for Development

A discussion of prospects for Brazil-U.S. economic cooperation, from sustainable development to the role of China in the hemisphere, and the likelihood of a bilateral free trade agreement. Co-sponsored by the Wilson Center and the Institute for Applied Economic Research.

Date & Time

Sep. 10, 2021
2:00pm – 4:00pm ET



















Carlos von Doellinger

President of IPEA
Duncan Wood

Duncan Wood

Vice President for Strategy & New Initiatives; Senior Advisor to the Mexico Institute

Pedro Miguel da Costa e Silva

Secretary for the Americas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil

Daniel Watson

Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for the Western Hemisphere

Lucas Ferraz

Secretary of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy, Brazil

Joanisval Gonçalves

Deputy Special Secretary for Strategic Affairs at the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil


Flavio Carneiro

Planning and Research Technician, IPEA
Albert Fishlow

Albert Fishlow

Professor, Columbia University

Fernando Ribeiro

Coordinator for Trade Studies, IPEA

Mark Langevin

Adjunct Professor and Senior Fellow at the Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University

Karl Rios

Director of the Office of Economic Policy and Summit Coordination, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs,  U.S. Department 

Hosted By

Brazil Institute

The Brazil Institute—the only country-specific policy institution focused on Brazil in Washington—works to foster understanding of Brazil’s complex reality and to support more consequential relations between Brazilian and US institutions in all sectors. The Brazil Institute plays this role by producing independent research and programs that bridge the gap between scholarship and policy, and by serving as a crossroads for leading policymakers, scholars and private sector representatives who are committed to addressing Brazil’s challenges and opportunities.  Read more

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