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Briefing: Egypt in Crisis

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Egypt is heading into an even more turbulent time. The removal of former President Mohammed Morsi has sparked yet more violence that has left dozens dead. The country is struggling to find a path to restore stability, with discussions over a new interim President and a path to democracy yet to produce a result. The meaning of the military intervention is disputed, and its implications for political Islam in the region are still unclear. But everyone agrees: Egypt is critical to the future of the region and its neighbors. At this critical moment, the Wilson Center again brings a series of experts together to discuss events and examine how they might unfold.
Chairman of the Reform and Development Party, Anwar El-Sadat, former Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S. and Dean of the School of Global Affairs at American University in Cairo, Nabil Fahmy, and former Minister and Egyptian Ambassador to South Africa and the Czech Republic, Moushira Khattab, provides a brief on the crisis, followed by a discussion and Q and A moderated by Vice President for New Initiatives at the Wilson Center, Aaron David Miller. Wilson Center Director, President and CEO, Jane Harman, opens the discussion.