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Part of the NATO @ 75

Canada’s Contribution to Deterrence and Defense on NATO’s Eastern Flank

Date & Time

Jun. 24, 2024
9:00am – 10:00am ET


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Ahead of the July 2024 Washington Summit and in recognition of NATO's 75th Anniversary, the Wilson Center's Canada Institute and Global Europe Program will provide a look into Operation REASSURANCE, Canada's largest overseas mission. Canada will soon lead NATO’s most multinational brigade, located in Latvia, helping to deter Russian aggression on NATO’s eastern flank.

 Amongst the topics to be discussed will be European security, Canada's leadership role in Latvia, efforts underway to more than double Canada’s military presence as it leads the buildup of the Battle Group to brigade level, and allies' commitment to NATO in the face of continued Russian aggression in Eastern Europe.

Join us on Monday, June 24 at 9:00am EDT to hear from policy leaders about Operation REASSURANCE and how Canada's contribution to deterrence and defense on NATO's eastern flank reaffirms the security and stability of the Euro-Atlantic region.

Hosted By

Canada Institute

The mission of the Wilson Center's Canada Institute is to raise the level of knowledge of Canada in the United States, particularly within the Washington, DC policy community.  Research projects, initiatives, podcasts, and publications cover contemporary Canada, US-Canadian relations, North American political economy, and Canada's global role as it intersects with US national interests.  Read more

Global Europe Program

The Global Europe Program is focused on Europe’s capabilities, and how it engages on critical global issues.  We investigate European approaches to critical global issues. We examine Europe’s relations with Russia and Eurasia, China and the Indo-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Our initiatives include “Ukraine in Europe” – an examination of what it will take to make Ukraine’s European future a reality.  But we also examine the role of NATO, the European Union and the OSCE, Europe’s energy security, transatlantic trade disputes, and challenges to democracy. The Global Europe Program’s staff, scholars-in-residence, and Global Fellows participate in seminars, policy study groups, and international conferences to provide analytical recommendations to policy makers and the media.  Read more

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