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Central America’s Security Challenges: Has U.S. Assistance Helped or Hindered? How Can it Improve?

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Photo: After school program in Honduras, courtesy of Honduran Youth Alliance/Alianza Joven Honduras

The flood of Central American children arriving at the U.S. border this past summer brought renewed attention to the region’s security challenges and how the U.S. has partnered with Central American nations to address these problems. Join us for a discussion about the Central America Regional Security Initiative and future directions for U.S. security assistance in the Northern Triangle with panels of experts and policymakers:

Panel I: The Central America Regional Security Initiative in the Northern Triangle

Cristina Equizábal (@InrLas)
The El Salvador case
Senior Fellow at the National Foundation for Development
Nicholas Phillips (@NPPeriodista)
The Guatemala case
Aaron Korthuis (@akorthuis)
The Honduras case
Student at Yale Law School
Moderator: Peter Meyer
  Analyst in Latin American Affairs, Congressional Research Service
Commentary: Steven Dudley (@stevensdudley)
  Co-Director, InSight Crime

Panel II: Policy Options for Dealing with Central America’s Chronic Insecurity

Francisco Palmieri
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central America and the Caribbean
Paloma Adams-Allen
Senior Advisor
Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, USAID 
Matthew C. Ingram 
State University of New York, Albany
Moderator: Eric L. Olson (@Eric_Latam)
  Associate Director, Wilson Center