Webcast Recap

Chile’s foreign policy under the newly-inaugurated government of President Michelle Bachelet will continue its longstanding tradition of abiding by international law, promoting democracy, and maintaining active engagement on peace and security issues within international organizations. At the same time, Chile seeks to deepen its ties with its partners in Latin America, with a special emphasis on South America.

What are the major challenges for Chile’s new foreign policy agenda in a changing world? How will Chile adjust to newly-emerging blocs? How will it deepen its insertion in inclusive global value chains in order to enhance employment and investment? How can Chile contribute to and benefit from the region’s development, serving as a bridge and gateway to the Asia-Pacific region?

Cynthia J. Arnson
Director, Latin American Program

The Honorable Heraldo Muñoz
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chile

Michael Shifter
President, Inter-American Dialogue