China’s Quest for Safe + Secure Food: Boon for U.S. Business? | Wilson Center
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China’s Quest for Safe + Secure Food: Boon for U.S. Business?

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China is facing a serious food dilemma. Despite being one of the largest grain producers in the world, over the past decade the country has become a leading grain importer. Indeed, the rising demand for meat and resource constraints are pushing China to invest into food companies and arable land overseas. At the same time, China’s food security continues to be haunted by food safety scandals—from melamine-laced milk and spoiled meat to cadmium-contaminated rice. These issues may, however, provide opportunities for U.S.-China collaboration in improving food industry safety.  
On the 20th Anniversary of his groundbreaking Who Will Feed China book, CEF has invited Lester Brown (Earth Policy Institute) to talk about rapid shifts in food production and consumption in China that are threatening the country’s food security and changing global food markets. Amy Celico (Albright Stonebridge Group) will discuss how the gaps in oversight of food producers and growing water and soil contamination are opening up new opportunities for U.S.-China business and policy collaboration.

(Photo: Rizhao Daily)