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As Brazil-United States relations tread below potential, following the postponement of a state visit to Washington, D.C. by President Dilma Rousseff, a multiparty delegation of Brazilian Congressmen will visit Washington in early December. They will discuss Brazil's economic and political outlook for 2014 and engage in dialogue on Capitol Hill, after meetings with the business community in New York.

The group will be led by Congressman Marco Maia, from Rio Grande do Sul, a former President of the Chamber of Deputies, equivalent to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Mr. Maia will be accompanied by three colleagues from the opposition, Congressmen Bruno Araujo, from Pernambuco, Paulo Abi-Ackel, from Minas Gerais, and Jorge Tadeu, from São Paulo. Mr. Maia, from the ruling Workers Party (PT), is a former metal worker and union leader. Mr. Araujo and Mr. Abi-Ackel, both lawyers, are from the Social Democratic Party (PSDB). Mr. Tadeu, an engineer, is a member of the Democratas.

On December 4th, the Brazil Institute of the Wilson Center and the Brazil-U.S. Business Council will host a workshop with the congressmen on Brazil-U.S. relations and the political and economic issues framing that campaigns for presidential, gubernatorial and congressional elections of October 2014.

Picture courtesy of Flickr user Tiago Melo.