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The Bolsa Família Program is widely recognized as possibly the most important social policy adopted by Brazil in the last decades.  It has an impressive record of achievements, having helped lift over 22 million Brazilians out of poverty and significantly decrease the country’s historically resilient income inequality. Its 10 year anniversary is an opportunity to assess these achievements, as well as the Program’s current challenges and future, which will directly affect the lives of its 50 million beneficiaries, over a quarter of Brazil’s population.

On January 29, the Brazil Institute and the World Banks's Latin America and the Caribbean Region will host a conversation with Minister Campello on the success and challenges of the innovative conditional cash-transfer program during its first decade.

Media Response

Bolsa Familia: Program Credited with Reducing Brazilian Poverty

CCTV, 02/17/2014

Want to end poverty? Brazil's answer: give people money 

Howard Schneider - The Washington Post, 01/31/2014


Images from the event can be viewed here

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