Cybersecurity in Your Neighborhood: Why Public-Private Partnerships Matter | Wilson Center
6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Cybersecurity in Your Neighborhood: Why Public-Private Partnerships Matter

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The nation’s critical infrastructure is at risk. Communications systems, electrical power, transportation, even water supplies, face both physical and digital threats.

President Barack Obama has signed a Presidential Policy Directive and an Executive Order to establish a national policy to protect these systems. But government can’t act alone: the bulk of critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector. This National Conversation is part of a dialogue between government and the private sector, to help make policy more effective.

How can we protect our infrastructure, and make it more resilient against the many hazards that are part of the 21st Century?

The event will begin as scheduled promptly at 1:00pm. Please be seated before the beginning of the program.


  • Jane Harman

    Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center
  • Janet Napolitano

    U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Francis X. Taylor

    Vice President & Chief Security Officer for the General Electric Company (GE)
  • Michael Chertoff

    Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Chertoff Group; of counsel at Covington & Burling LLP
  • Stephen Flynn

    Founding Co-director of the George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security, Northeastern University, and Professor of Political Science at Northeastern University
  • Tom Gjelten

    Correspondent, National Public Radio