Podcast (Audio only)

Each time the ongoing civil uprising in Ukraine has lost momentum, mistakes by President Yanukovych’s government have reinvigorated it. Protestors continue to gather on the Maidan, infuriated by police crackdowns. The dispute remains deadlocked, with both sides seeking support from outside. Russia has suspended its offer of $15 billion in credit, and the US and EU are reported to be developing an alternate bailout proposal.

In this Ground Truth Briefing, prominent experts and Kennan Institute alumni on the ground in Kyiv and the broader region discuss the complex situation facing Ukraine.


  • Balázs Jarábik

    Project Director, Pact; Visiting Scholar, Carnegie Endowment
  • Oleksiy Semeniy

    Director of the Institute for Global Transformations; was an advisor to former President Yushchenko’s Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Kateryna Smagliy

    Director, Kennan Institute in Ukraine
  • Matthew Rojansky

    Director, Kennan Institute