Webcast Recap

Nearly one year has passed since the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)-sponsored agreement was signed that paved the way for a democratic transition in Yemen.  While the agreement left many issues unresolved and still faces some resistance, the relatively peaceful transition in Yemen gives reason for optimism. Since Abd Rabbo Mansur al-Hadi assumed the presidency in February 2012, he has taken important steps to move the process forward, most notably by restructuring the military, waging an effective campaign to regain territory from militant groups, and laying the groundwork for an inclusive National Dialogue Conference intended to shape the future of a democratic Yemen.

Yet President Hadi’s government faces a critical moment that could threaten the success of this political transition. Security remains a major concern; unemployment is still rising; and Yemen faces an economic and humanitarian crisis of dire proportions, with many Yemenis lacking adequate access to food, water, and health care.

Watch the live webcast for a unique opportunity to hear President Hadi’s vision for how Yemen can overcome these critical challenges and what role the international community should play in this process.