A Discussion with ANP Director Allan Barros | Wilson Center
5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

A Discussion with ANP Director Allan Barros

Two years ago, Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency regulatory mandate was expanded to include biofuels. The new task has been a challenge for the agency, which was created in 1998 to regulate the production and distribution of traditional non-renewable oil derivatives. President Dilma Rousseff has proposed legislation currently under consideration in the Brazilian Congress that aims at strengthening ANPs role over biofuels. 

On August 31st, ANP director Allan Kardec Duailibi discussed the implications of his agency’s broad mandate as Brazil works to develop its huge offshore pre-salt oil fields and prepares to benefit from the emergence of a global biofuels market in the coming years, made likely by the political exhaustion of protectionist policies in the United States and the opening of the American market. One of the five ANP directors, Duailibe is an Electrical Engineering professor and researcher at the Federal University of Maranhão. He has master’s degree from Japan’s Toyohashi University of Technology and a PhD from the University of Nagoya, also in Japan.  


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