Europe's Refugee Challenge: Responses to an International Crisis | Wilson Center
6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Europe's Refugee Challenge: Responses to an International Crisis

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Set against the backdrop of Europe’s largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, this discussion will focus on the situation on the ground in countries that are most exposed, either as points of entry or as final destinations for refugees. Are national governments and EU institutions doing enough? What kind of domestic opposition is emerging in response to national policies? What societal and cultural challenges are refugees encountering upon arrival? What concrete steps must be taken to handle this crisis? To explore these issues, we will be joined by a panel of experts focused on both general and regional European responses.


  • Philipp Ackermann

    Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Charles Gati

    Senior Research Professor of European and Eurasian Studies, Johns Hopkins SAIS
  • Brian M Lisko

    Captain, US Coast Guard Senior USCG Liaison to the Department of State
  • Kathleen Newland

    Senior Fellow and Co-Founder, Migration Policy Institute
  • James Hollifield

    Global Fellow
    Professor of Political Science, Arnold Chair in International Political Economy, and Director, Tower Center, SMU