From Farm to Roundtable: Innovative Partnerships to Improve China's Meat Supply Chains | Wilson Center
6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

From Farm to Roundtable: Innovative Partnerships to Improve China's Meat Supply Chains

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The first amendments to China's Food Safety Law are likely to pass this year and they will bring new tracking and training systems, stricter health standards, and higher penalties for illegal production and management of food and food additives. To increase the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the country's food supply chains, especially meat, the Chinese government and industries also have expanded partnerships with international organizations.

Speakers will discuss how industry, policymakers, and NGOs can support the modernization of China's meat supply chains to ensure domestic and global food safety. Erin Simon (World Wildlife Fund) will discuss an innovative partnership between WWF and packaging company, Sealed Air, to minimize the environmental footprint of poultry, and to implement best practices for better food safety, sustainable packaging, storage and retail distribution of poultry products in China. Bill Westman (American Meat Institute) will discuss the latest developments in the U.S.-China Agriculture and Food Partnership and the shared responsibility among farmer, industry, and government for ensuring quality assurance in the meat supply chain and ways to handle livestock waste in an economically efficient and environmentally sustainable way. Richard Fritz (Food and Agriculture Export Alliance) will discuss the work of a consortium of agricultural organizations which have worked with the Chinese government on the development of laws and regulations to enhance food and feed safety within China. 

Co-sponsored with World Wildlife Fund and Sealed Air, this is the second meeting in the series, From Farm to Roundtable: Engaging U.S.-China and Food Safety Cooperation initiative run by the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum.


  • Erin Simon

    Manager, Packaging & Material Science, World Wildlife Fund - China Poultry Food Security Program
  • Bill Westman

    Senior Vice President of International Affairs, North American Meat Institute
  • Richard Fritz

    Executive Director, Food and Agriculture Export Alliance