#GettingTo5050: Framework Toward Action for a More Equal World

There will be a webcast of this event

Event Co-sponsors

The Women in Public Service Project is proud to partner with Let it Ripple Studios to engage policymakers and gender parity champions in 50/50 Day, a day of global conversation and action toward the #GettingTo5050 Movement.

Around the world, women leaders are emerging to contribute  their voices to critical conversations in public policy and play a role in making decisions that affect their daily lives and their communities. 

Behind this momentum are institutional policies and best practices that forge a path forward for women to assume leadership and decision-making positions. In order to achieve full gender equality in policy and political leadership, governments must demonstrate political will and a commitment to policies and practices that drive parity within their institutions.

This 50/50 Day, join the Women in Public Service Project for a conversation about the policies and best practices government leaders can use to drive gender parity within their countries and around the world. A panel of global voices will discuss challenges and opportunities in transforming commitment into action for a more equal world.