Ground Truth Briefing: Energy Innovation in Remote Arctic Communities


Communities across the Canadian and the U.S. Arctic are diversifying their energy sources with cleaner, lower-cost, renewable options. In Canada, the government has pledged $220 million to bring renewable energy to remote and Arctic communities.  In Alaska, 70 of some 200 remote communities are augmenting their power grids with bio-mass, geothermal, hydro, wind, solar, and wave energy.  

The Wilson Center's Canada Institute and Polar Initiative hosted a telephone briefing to spotlight the energy approaches of these remote Arctic communities and how innovations are contributing to economic development and community resilience.




  • Grant Sullivan

    Executive Director, Gwich'in Council International
  • Dr. Martha Lenio

    Arctic Team, World Wildlife Fund-Canada
  • John Ferland

    President and COO, Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC), Maine
  • A.J. Esquega

    Energy Coordinator, Kiashke Zaagin Anishinaabek - Gull Bay First Nation, Northern Ontario
  • Laura Dawson

    Director, Canada Institute
    Former Senior Economic Analyst, U.S. Embassy, Ottawa, Canada
  • Michael Sfraga

    Director, Polar Initiative