5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

India-Japan Strategic Cooperation and Implications for Washington and Beijing

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The India-Japan relationship has been described as the fastest growing strategic partnership in Asia. This event, which marks the public launch of a new National Defense University (NDU) report on this key bilateral relationship, will review the current dynamics of India-Japan relations and implications for Washington as well as Beijing. The event, part of the Wilson Center's India in Asia initiative, will also discuss early signaling from the Trump administration toward India, Japan, and China and what this could all mean for Washington's position toward the India-Japan relationship. Thomas Lynch, the NDU report's co-author, will discuss the publication's major takeaways and recommendations. Nirupama Rao and Shihoko Goto will assess current thinking about the relationship in New Delhi and Tokyo, respectively.


  • Thomas Lynch III

    distinguished research fellow for South Asia and the Near East, National Defense University
  • Nirupama Rao

    Global Fellow
    Former Indian Foreign Secretary; Former Indian Ambassador to Washington and Beijing; Former Public Policy Fellow
  • Shihoko Goto

    Deputy Director for Geoeconomics and Senior Associate for Northeast Asia, Asia Program