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Israel’s New Government: Policies and Prospects

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The formation of the new Netanyahu Government raises a great many questions about its policies and prospects. How will a government considerably narrower  than its predecessor deal with any number of foreign policy and domestic challenges facing the State of Israel, including a possible nuclear agreement between the US and Iran, the Palestinian issue, and relations with Washington? Will the new coalition endure  and what are the prospects for broadening the government?

Join us BY PHONE as two veteran analysts and scholars of Israeli politics and diplomacy assess and discuss these matters and answer your questions.

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  • Jane Harman

    Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center
  • Shlomo Avineri

    Professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, former Director-General of the Foreign Ministry and Wilson Center Fellow
  • Natan Sachs

    Director, Center for Middle East Policy, the Brookings Institution; Fellow - Foreign Policy, Center for Middle East Policy, the Brookings Institution
  • Itamar Rabinovich

    President of the Israel Institute, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States and former Wilson Center Fellow.
  • Aaron David Miller

    Aaron David Miller

    Global Fellow