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Launch | The Mosaic Approach: A Critical Minerals Supply Chain Report

Date & Time

Oct. 18, 2021
2:00pm – 3:00pm ET


The United States faces a troubling scenario when it comes to the supply chain for critical minerals. Rapidly increasing demand, under-developed national resources, intense international competition, and years of neglect in this issue area place the U.S. at a distinct disadvantage vis-à-vis China in securing access to the metals and Rare Earth Elements that are vital for the energy transition and for geopolitical ambitions. For these reasons the Biden administration has included critical minerals in its review of U.S. supply chains and has called for increased stakeholder engagement.

The Wilson Center Supply Chain Initiative launches a paper that reflects the dialogue sustained by a high-level group of stakeholders in the summer of 2021 and argues that the United States must take a number of key steps to make the critical minerals supply chain more resilient. Join us for an engaging discussion of the challenges and opportunities concluded by this report.


Peter Harrell

Peter Harrell

Senior Director for International Economics and Competitiveness, White House National Security Council (NSC)
Jane Nakano

Jane Nakano

Senior Fellow, Energy Security and Climate Change Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Ben Steinberg

Ben Steinberg

Senior Vice President, Venn Strategies