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Strengthening America’s Supply Chains

In an era of hyper-globalization, complex supply chains blanket the world, forming intricate webs between manufacturers, suppliers, shippers, retailers, consumers, government officials and other actors into a worldwide marketplace. This ceaseless flow of goods, services, and data is a defining characteristic of the modern age.

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Strengthening America's Critical Mineral Supply Chain: "The Mosaic Approach"

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The Mosaic Approach: a Multidimensional Strategy for Strengthening America's Critical Minerals Supply Chain

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The Importance of Supply Chains: What You Need to Know

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we are joined by Duncan Wood, Vice President for Strategy & New Initiatives and Senior Advisor to the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute. He discusses the launch of a new stakeholder-focused dialogue process focusing on finding ways for governments, private industry, academia, and non-profit research centers to strengthen supply chains and mitigate their economic and national security risks.

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