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Strengthening America’s Supply Chains

In an era of hyper-globalization, complex supply chains blanket the world, forming intricate webs between manufacturers, suppliers, shippers, retailers, consumers, government officials and other actors into a worldwide marketplace. This ceaseless flow of goods, services, and data is a defining characteristic of the modern age.

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Why Trust Matters in Supply Chains

One of the biggest challenges in managing supply chains is ensuring trustworthiness, particularly because of the increasingly interconnected and interdependent relationship in the globalized economy. From raw materials to end-use products, when one company in a supply chain breaks its promises or fails to deliver on its commitments, it can have a ripple effect that impacts the other companies throughout the network.

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Strengthening America's Critical Mineral Supply Chain: "The Mosaic Approach"

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The Mosaic Approach: a Multidimensional Strategy for Strengthening America's Critical Minerals Supply Chain

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The Importance of Supply Chains: What You Need to Know

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we are joined by Duncan Wood, Vice President for Strategy & New Initiatives and Senior Advisor to the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute. He discusses the launch of a new stakeholder-focused dialogue process focusing on finding ways for governments, private industry, academia, and non-profit research centers to strengthen supply chains and mitigate their economic and national security risks.

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