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Mapping China’s Pathway to a Carbon-neutral Food System

Date & Time

Dec. 12, 2022
9:00am – 10:15am ET


At the recent COP27 climate talks in Egypt, decarbonizing energy and creating a fund to help pay for the devastating impact of climate change on poorer nations dominated the negotiations. While not in the spotlight, discussions on food and climate issues were also on the table, as food systems account for one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

As the world's largest food producer, meat consumer and soybean importer, China’s agri-food greenhouse gas emissions are growing. These emissions arise along the whole food supply chain from production to disposal, yet China and few other countries take a comprehensive view of the food system in climate actions and policies.

At this webinar, Min Hu and Meian Chen from the Beijing-based innovative Green Development Program (iGDP) will give an overview of their new report The Agri-Food System and Carbon Neutrality. The report maps out decarbonization pathways China could take across the whole agri-food system to help reach the country's carbon neutrality goals.

After the brief overview of the report, we will invite comments from Kevin Mo (iGDP) and Patty Fong (Global Alliance for the Future of Food).


Hu Min

Min Hu

Principal and Co-Founder, iGDP
Meian Chen

Meian Chen

Program Director and Senior Analyst, iGDP

Keynote Speakers

Kevin Mo

Kevin Mo

Principal, iGDP
Patty Fong headshot

Patty Fong

program director on Climate and Health & Wellbeing at FOF

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China Environment Forum

Since 1997, the China Environment Forum's mission has been to forge US-China cooperation on energy, environment, and sustainable development challenges. We play a unique nonpartisan role in creating multi-stakeholder dialogues around these issues.  Read more

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