New Technologies: Have We Learned Anything Yet About Risks? | Wilson Center

New Technologies: Have We Learned Anything Yet About Risks?

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Remember the IT revolution?  How about the Decade of the Brain or genetic engineering?  Then there was nanotechnology and now synthetic biology.  How well have we managed the risks associated with these advances and has society learned any lessons from the past that could be relevant to understanding the societal implications of new emerging technologies?

Please join us on December 15th in the Moynihan Boardroom at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars for a discussion on Generic Lessons Learned about Societal Responses to Emerging Technologies Perceived as Involving Risks, a paper by Paul Stern, Thomas Wilbanks, Susan Cozzens, and Eugene Rosa.

A light breakfast will be served at 9:00.

Please find a copy of the paper and Mr. Stern's Power Point presentation below. 


  • Paul C. Stern

    Director, Standing Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Climate Change, National Research Council, National Academies of Science
  • David Rejeski

    Global Fellow
    Former Director, Science and Technology Innovation Program, Woodrow Wilson Center