Since April 2012, a group of rebel forces calling themselves the March 23 Movement (M23)  has engaged in violence with the Congolese national army, or FARDC. Not only has the insurgency led to constantly rising death tolls, but it has also heightened tensions between Great Lakes countries concerning North Kivu's porous borders and the authors of this violence. The violence is also linked to the region's vast mineral wealth, making the situation more pressing. The international community is currently trying to work with leaders from the Great Lakes region, governments and civil society to calm the region's upheaval. This event will feature: Baudoin Hamuli Kabarhuza, National Coordinator-International Conference on the Great Lakes Region-Kinshasa, DRC; Steven Koutsis, Acting Director of the Office of Central African Affairs, U.S. State Department; Mark Schneider, Senior Vice President, International Crisis Group; and be moderated by Steve McDonald, Director of the Wilson Center’s Africa Program and Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity.