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Prospects for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament in South Asia

The 2022 Asma Jahangir Lecture, featuring Dr. Sandeep Pandey

Date & Time

Nov. 17, 2022
9:00am – 10:30am ET


This event, an address by Dr. Sandeep Pandey, a scholar and activist from India, marks the 2022 Asma Jahangir Memorial Lecture. It is part of an annual lecture series in honor of the late Asma Jahangir, a leading human rights activist from Pakistan who passed away in 2018. The lecture features an annual address by a distinguished scholar, opinion leader, or activist who addresses issues of democracy and human rights in South Asia. This series is hosted by the Wilson Center’s Asia Program and South Asia Democracy Watch (SDW), a nonprofit organization that promotes social justice, human rights, and equality in South Asia through educational programs, conferences, and symposia.

In his lecture, Pandey will discuss prospects for peace and nuclear disarmament in South Asia—a region with nuclear-armed rivals that has experienced multiple wars, and that suffers from a lack of region-wide cooperation and connectivity. He will discuss the challenges at play and what major changes would be needed to produce a more peaceful and stable region. Pandey, who holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, advocates on behalf of democracy and regional peace. He has devoted his life to fighting against marginalization of the disadvantaged, social injustice, and exploitation of local resources by the wealthy. He has also taught at universities in India and the United States on social movements and democracy. Pandey’s focus on democracy, rights, and regional cooperation resonates with the work of Asma Jahangir.

A moderated panel discussion will follow Pandey's lecture.

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A photo of Dr. Sandeep Pandey

Dr. Sandeep Pandey

Scholar and Activist


Qaisar Abbas

Executive Director, South Asia Democracy Watch

Aftab Siddiqui

Board Member, South Asia Democracy Watch

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