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Report Launch: Collapsed Security Threatens the Future of Yazidis & Minorities in Sinjar

Date & Time

Sep. 28, 2022
12:00pm – 1:00pm ET


On August 3, 2014, Da’esh attacked Sinjar and launched a campaign of genocide and crimes against humanity against minority communities in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. More than seven years later, 200,000 Yazidis remain internally displaced, and of the 6,417 Yazidis kidnapped, almost 2,760 are still unaccounted for. Safety and stability in Sinjar remain dangerously compromised due to the growing presence of at least 11 armed groups and militias and delayed implementation of the Sinjar Agreement, signed between the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government in October 2020. The chronic absence of security is affecting humanitarian assistance, justice mechanisms, law enforcement and government affairs, infrastructure, strategic development, and the geopolitical positioning of Sinjar. 

The Middle East Program collaborates with Yazda and The Zovighian Partnership to convene a launch of the publication, “Collapsed security threatens the future of Yazidis & minorities in Sinjar.” The panel will explore the security challenges and obstructions to long-term stability and discuss suggested policies for immediate action by national and International stakeholders.

Read the publication in English or Arabic

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Middle East Program

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