On July 24, 2008, the Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP) convened a group of environment, demography, and security experts to review an intermediate draft of the National Intelligence Council's (NIC) Global Trends 2025 report. The discussion focused on Chapter Two, "The Demographics of Discord," and Chapter Three, "Scarcity in the Midst of Plenty?" The report is scheduled to be published in December 2008, in time to inform the new U.S. presidential administration, and will be available online and through booksellers.

The goal of the NIC's Global Trends series is to stimulate discussion in the foreign policy community, both in the United States and abroad. Recent unclassified installments explore possible geopolitical futures and the drivers of change. The first in the series, Global Trends 2010, released in 1997, grew out of a series of conferences and follow-on discussions organized by the NIC and the Institute for National Strategic Studies. ECSP published commentaries on the next installment, Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts, as well as a response by then-NIC Vice Chair Ellen Laipson. Mapping the Global Future: Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project expanded on the previous model to include detailed scenarios exploring how the identified trends could play out on the global stage.

Drafted by Karin Bencala.