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Roosevelt and Churchill

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Warren Kimball, Robert Treat Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University edited Churchill & Roosevelt: The Complete Correspondence, published by Princeton University Press in 1984. He will reflect on the problems he faced in compiling letters and other communications, on research in the pre-computer age, and on his thoughts about the two men and their policies at the time. How have his interpretations and perspectives shifted—or not? What is the ultimate value of such correspondence? He will give his present assessment of Roosevelt and Churchill, and will inquire into what virtually have become unpopular concepts of “leadership” and “great men in history.”

Warren Kimball is the Robert Treat Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University. He has also written Forged in War (1995) as well as books on the Morgenthau Plan and the origins of Lend-Lease. He has published over 50 essays on Churchill, Roosevelt, and the era of the Second World War. He was Pitt Professor at Cambridge University 1987-88, and is an academic adviser to The Churchill Center.    


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