In recent years Russia has shown a growing interest in East European far-right parties. Now Russia, as Political Capital Institute research demonstrates, is increasingly involving itself with far-right and far-left parties of Western Europe as well. At a time of political and economic crisis some European political forces have become particularly receptive to Russia’s new conservative, increasingly nationalist message. PCI Director Peter Kreko will discuss the changing perception of Russia on the political fringes of European politics and the new challenges it poses for Euro-Atlantic integration at both the national and the EU level.

Dr. Péter Krekó is the Director of Political Capital Institute, a think-tank based in Budapest. He is also an assistant professor of social and political psychology at ELTE University, and a co-chair of the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network Prevention working group. He regularly serves as commentator on the leading international media.  His publications include: A Russian spy in Brussels, The Conspiratorial Mindset in Europe, The Role of Stereotypes and Prejudices in Political Public ThinkingStudy on the Situation of Prejudice and Intolerance in Hungary, Radical and Far-right Celebrities in the Private Media. Krekó recently defended his PHD thesis on the Social Psychology of Conspiracy Theories.