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Seeking History in Subei: Generational Stories from China's Rise

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In his reporting for the Marketplace radio program, journalist Scott Tong has always helped listeners understand the individual people behind the flood of statistical information pouring out of China.

Please join the Kissinger Institute for a discussion of Tong’s new book, A Village With My Name, which brings his signature combination of issue analysis and personal narrative to the sweep of modern Chinese history. While uncovering the tales of his ancestors in a northern Jiangsu Province village, Tong reminds readers that the narrative of China’s national rise is actually composed of innumerable individual struggles.

A Village With My Name will be available for purchase.



  • Jennifer L. Turner

    Director, China Environment Forum & Manager, Global Choke Point Initiative


  • Robert Daly

    Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States


  • Scott Tong

    Sustainability Correspondent, Marketplace