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Small Business is Big Business in America

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Continuing with our focus on the critical importance of entrepreneurship to the American economy, on October 30, 2013, PAGE will host Jeanne Hulit, Acting Administrator of the SBA, to discuss public policies or private practices could increase the availability of small business financing in the future and innovative businesses that can drive future growth and prosperity.


Jeanne Hulit, Acting Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration


Giovanni Coratolo, Vice President of Small Business Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Robert Dilger, Senior Specialist in American National Government, Congressional Research Service

Sean Mallon, Senior Investment Director, Center for Innovative Technology

Shelly Mui-Lipnik, Senior Director of Tax and Financial Services, Biotechnology Industry Organization


Kent Hughes, Public Policy Scholar and former Director, Program on America and the Global Economy

A light lunch will be provided from 12:30 - 1:00 p.m.


  • Kent Hughes

    Public Policy Fellow
    Former Director, Program on America and the Global Economy, Woodrow Wilson Center