Webcast Recap

Following a year of international diplomatic victories for President Putin, the Sochi Olympic Games will be a chance for the Kremlin to showcase Russia’s resurgence.  By the same token, Sochi will test the Russian leadership’s ability to deliver on its promises about economic development and infrastructure building, coordination with local government and civic leaders in the North Caucasus, and calm and control around the event itself, despite likely protests from many groups and close international scrutiny.  The event takes place on Vladimir Putin’s turf, but not necessarily on his terms, and it may be hard for him to disown the political problems that the event may trigger.  To discuss the immediate and longer term implications of Sochi for Putin and Russia, the Kennan Institute convened three top experts on the region.


  • Charles King

    Professor of International Affairs and Government, Georgetown University, and former Title VIII-Supported Short-Term Research Scholar, Kennan Institute
  • Thomas de Waal

    Senior Associate, Russia and Eurasia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Hon. Kenneth S. Yalowitz

    Global Fellow