Social Media in Emergency Management: Transforming the Response Enterprise | Wilson Center
5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Social Media in Emergency Management: Transforming the Response Enterprise

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Commons Lab of the Science and Technology Innovation Program, Woodrow Wilson Center.

By harnessing the collective power of citizens and engaging communities in their own response and recovery, social media have the power to revolutionize emergency management. Yet, many challenges—including guidelines for use by response agencies, demonstration of value, and characterization of reliability—must be addressed if the potential of social media is to be fully realized in emergency response and relief efforts in the United States.

Please join us on November 10th for this panel and roundtable discussion, which will be chaired by Dr. Clarence Wardell of CNA and will feature findings from the report, 2011 Social Media + Emergency Management Camp: Transforming the Response Enterprise. Panelists from the emergency management community, the private sector, government, and the digital volunteer community will discuss the report and offer policy and research recommendations for moving forward with the adoption, integration, and practice of social media in emergency management.

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  • Clarence Wardell

    Research Scientist, CNA Safety & Security
  • Pascal Schuback

    Emergency Management Program Coordinator, King County Office of Emergency Management and Core Member, CrisisCommons
  • Dr. Karen Smilowitz

    Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, Northwestern University
  • Kim Stephens

    Author of iDisaster 2.0 Blog and ABT Associates, Inc.
  • Rachel Racusen

    Director of Public Affairs at FEMA
  • Wendy Harman

    Director, Social Strategy, American Red Cross