Sudans Working Group: Facing a Watershed Year in the Sudans—Khartoum Grapples with Unrest; Juba Braces for Transitional Government | Wilson Center
6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Sudans Working Group: Facing a Watershed Year in the Sudans—Khartoum Grapples with Unrest; Juba Braces for Transitional Government



The Wilson Center Africa Program’s Sudans Working Group met on Friday, March 15, 2019, for a private roundtable discussion led by co-chairs Ambassador Nureldin Satti and Ambassador Alan Goulty. Mr. Mike Morrow, a Senior Diplomatic Fellow at the Wilson Center, offered welcome remarks. Ambassador Satti—former Sudanese Ambassador to France, and Africa Program Global Fellow—presented his observations and analysis of the current situation in Sudan and developments in the South Sudanese peace process. The meeting included 34 policymakers, experts, and practitioners from the government, non-profit, and academic sectors from the United States, Africa, and internationally.

The discussion on Sudan focused on recent developments relating to the ongoing popular protests there, as well as the government’s response. Participants also considered the prospects for a transition period in Sudan and its implications for stability and democracy in Sudan and the region. Regarding South Sudan, the discussion focused on the upcoming May deadline for the end of the pre-transition period. With many key aspects of the peace agreement still unimplemented, the country is now at a critical juncture. Participants spoke on the opportunities and methods for international engagement in both countries, and emphasized that stakeholders must not overlook the issues they are facing. The event was a timely opportunity for open analysis of evolving issues in both countries.

Through the Sudans Working Group, the Africa Program provides a platform for engaging U.S., African, and international policymakers and stakeholders in inclusive and forward-leaning dialogue aimed at advancing the prospects for peace, security, and development between and within the Sudans. The Sudans Working Group is co-chaired by Ambassador Alan Goulty and Ambassador Nureldin Satti.

This event was held under Chatham House non-attribution rule.



  • Michael Morrow

    Senior Diplomatic Fellow
    Senior Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State


  • Ambassador Nureldin Satti

    Global Fellow, and Co-Chair, Wilson Center's Sudan Working Group
    Member of the Administrative Council, International Fund for Promotion of Culture, UNESCO Co-Chair, Wilson Center's Sudan Working Group
  • Ambassador Alan Goulty

    Global Fellow and Co-Chair, Wilson Center’s Sudan Working Group
    Former British Ambassador to Sudan and Tunisia