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The Changing Direction of Brazil's Economic Policy

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Facing the consequences of a stagnant economy, a corruption scandal likely to disrupt major public investments in infrastructure in coming years, and markets' deep skepticism about her ability to put Brazil back on a path of sustainable growth, reelected president Dilma Rousseff is set to dramatically change course on economic policy.

On Wednesday November 25, she appointed economist Joaquim Ferreira Levy to lead her economic team as Minister for Finance. A former secretary of Brazil's national treasury and senior bank executive, Levy enjoys the respect of his peers in both the public and private sectors. Leaders of Rousseff's own Workers Party, however, voiced their mistrust, describing Levy's appointment as a "necessary evil" to confront the country's mounting challenges. Charged with restoring government accounts to fiscal health, the new Minister of Finance will work alongside Nelson Barbosa, a former Deputy Minister of Finance who is returning as Minister of Planning. Alexandre Tombini will remain as President of the Central Bank.

On Monday December 8th the Brazil Institute will convene a panel of experts to analyze implications and prospects of Rousseff's second term economic strategy. 

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