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The Decisive Vote?

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The Decisive Vote? How Latinos voted and what it means for policy

Co-sponsored with Arizona State University, ImmigrationWorks USA, and the Wilson Center's Latin American Program.


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Barack Obama was reelected with overwhelming support from Latinos, the nation’s fastest growing voting bloc. Latino turnout was up this year and has been rising steadily through the last several elections. But questions abound. Just how big a difference did Latinos make this year, and where exactly? Why did only about half of eligible Latinos register and turn out to vote? Are they concerned primarily about immigration? Or are they just like other voters, preoccupied with the economy and education issues? The stakes could hardly be higher – but neither party knows for sure. Who are Latino voters and what do they want?


Join a forum of scholars and political insiders to discuss the Latino vote and how it played out on November 6. Who voted, where and what difference did they make? What happened in a key battleground state, Arizona? And what are the likely consequences for immigration reform and other policy issues?


Monday, December 10, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.




Woodrow Wilson Center

Flom Auditorium

1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 6th Floor

Washington DC




Alfonso Aguilar Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles


Rodolfo Espino Arizona State University


Stephen Dinan The Washington Times


Tamar Jacoby ImmigrationWorks USA


Dan Restrepo Obama presidential campaign


Roberto Suro University of Southern California