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The Future of Food, Climate, and the Natural World: A Conversation With Jonathan Foley

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Appointed to lead the prestigious California Academy of Sciences in August, Jonathan Foley is tasked with leading a world class institution in the pursuit of discovering, documenting, and sharing knowledge of the natural world.  Serving as one of the largest museums of natural history in the world, the California Academy of Sciences has a clear mission of promoting exploration, providing educational opportunities, and engaging the public.

On Wednesday October 22, the Managing Our Planet series brings a special edition where Foley will discuss his vision for the Academy and discuss issues related to food security, demographics and sustainability.

The “Managing Our Planet” seminar series is developed jointly by George Mason University, the Brazil Institute and the Environmental Change and Security Program. It is based on the premise that the impacts of humanity on the environment (including natural resources) are at a planetary scale, requiring planetary-scale solutions.

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  • Jonathan Foley

    Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences
  • Thomas Lovejoy

    Board Member
    Senior Fellow, United Nations Foundation; Professor, George Mason University; Brazil Institute and ECSP Advisory Board Member
  • Paulo Sotero

    Director, Brazil Institute
  • Roger-Mark De Souza

    Global Fellow and Advisor
    Former Director of Population, Environmental Security, and Resilience