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The Road to 2018: Looking Ahead to Next Year’s Presidential Elections in Brazil

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With barely one year to go until the crucial presidential elections of October 2018, Brazil’s political and economic outlook remains highly unpredictable. Congressional delays in addressing urgently needed structural reforms—particularly pensions and taxes—could frustrate expectations among investors of a short-term economic recovery strong enough to pull the country out of its longest and deepest downturn. Political reform, required to rehabilitate the nation’s discredited system of political representation, remains a mirage. Ongoing criminal investigations into widespread corruption involving major political figures only add to the uncertainty. 

On September 29, the Brazil Institute will convene a panel of seasoned Brazilian experts to take stock of the current situation and discuss the challenges of the road ahead. 




  • Persio Arida

    Member of the International Advisory Board of the Blavatnik School of Goverment, Oxford University
  • Sergio Fausto

    Executive-Director, Fundação Fernando Henrique Cardoso
  • Carlos Eduardo Lins da Silva

    Global Fellow and Advisory Council Member
    Professor, Insper; Special Advisor, São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)