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Wilson Center ECNU Scholar Zhao Jike will present a work-in-progress presentation entitled The Role of the USIA in Implementing America’s Policy towards the Soviet Union: A Case Study of the Cuban Missile Crisis which examines the role of the USIA in implementing U.S. policy toward the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. In an unprecedented communications effort, the USIA reached out to an overseas audience in the hundreds of millions with news, background, features and commentaries, documenting the American position on the secret Soviet buildup in Cuba. Because of its effective performance, the USIA won praises from both the White House and the Congress and its funding increased markedly in the next few years.

Zhao Jike is a Ph.D. candidate at Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China. Though his Ph.D. will be in history, his undergraduate background in journalism has informed his thinking about the Cold War as a cultural phenomenon. Prior to beginning his Ph.D. program, Zhao earned his M.A. degree with a thesis on US intelligence estimates and decision-making surrounding Israel’s nuclear program.

Joining Zhao on the panel is Yafeng Xia, Wilson Center fellow and associate professor at Long Island University.

James F. Person, program associate for the the Wilson Center's North Korea International Documentation Project will chair the event.