Webcast Recap

This is one in a series of events sponsored in collaboration with the Ratiu Family Foundation.

The Roma have been persecuted ever since their arrival from the Indian subcontinent to Europe in the 14th Century. They have survived slavery, pogroms, the extermination camps of the Holocaust, and forced assimilation under Communism. Pervasive discrimination continues towards the Roma today in the form of school segregation, lack of political representation, deportation, poverty, unemployment and the kidnapping of Roma children. Why does a people so resilient still have to endure widespread exclusion, racism and discrimination? Experts from the fields of sociology, law, politics, and history will discuss the future of the Roma, including the prospect for Roma integration in Europe and the remaining challenges for granting the Roma population full human rights. They will also address the issue of Roma rights at the local, national, EU, and international levels.