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Angela Kocze

Ion Ratiu Scholar


    May 12, 2014 — June 6, 2014

    Professional affiliation

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

    Wilson Center Projects

    "Democracy, Human Rights, Entrenched Poverty: Political Dispossession of Roma in Contemporary Europe"

    Full Biography

    Angela Kocze, PhD is sociologist. Currently she is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Wake Forest University. She is also research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology and affiliated research fellow at the Central European University, Center for policy Studies.  Dr. Kocze  has done several research mainly focused on social and legal inequalities of Roma in the various European countries as well as the intersection of gender ethnicity and class regarding minority and migrant population in Europe.  She has written extensively about the racialization and the unequal access to social, economic and political rights of Roma in Europe. Some of her work was published in various books by Palgrave, Ashgate as well as international organizations such as UNDP.  Dr. Kocze besides her academic career also worked as a senior policy adviser in the Hungarian government (2004-2008). Previously to gain her PhD, she worked as a funding director of the European Roma Information Office (ERIO) in Brussels (2003-2004), as well as the former director of the human rights education program at the European Roma Rights Centre (1998-2003) in Budapest, Hungary. Moreover, she was the founding director of the Romaversitas program (1996) in Budapest which offers a scholarship and mentorship for underprivileged Roma minority university students.

    Major Publications

    Missing Intersectionality: Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Class in Current Research and Policies on Romani Women in Angela Kocze with contribution from Raluca Maria Popa, Policy Papers, CEU Center for Policy Studies, CEU Press, 2009

    “Pro-Roma Global Civil Society: Acting for, with or instead of Roma?” by Angela Kóczé and Martin Rövid in Mary Kaldor, Henrietta L. Moore and Sabine Selchow, Global Civil Society 2012: Ten Years of Critical Reflection, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. (2012. pp. 110-122.)

    Kóczé, Angéla. (2012). Civil Cociety, Civil Involvement and Social Inclusion of the Roma. Roma Inclusion Working Papers, edited by Andrey Ivanov and Jaroslav Kling Bratislava: United Nations Development Programme, ISBN for the printed version: 978-92-95092-62-4

    Previous Terms

    Public Policy Scholar; Ion Ratiu Democracy Award Recipient, Apr 2014- May 2014