U.S. Energy Independence: A New American Narrative? | Wilson Center
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U.S. Energy Independence: A New American Narrative?

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U.S. dependence on imported oil and gas has long been a source of controversy, as an economic, political and security issue. Yet now, with the widespread use of new technology allowing dramatic new sources of energy, things are changing. According to some experts, American energy independence is close, turning the tables on traditional suppliers. Is America about to free itself from dependence on foreign oil – or are there hidden risks in this new wealth?


  • Jane Harman

    Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center
  • Daniel Yergin

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Vice Chairman of IHS and Founder of Cambridge Energy Research Associates
  • Michael Levi

    Senior Fellow for Energy and Environment, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Coral Davenport

    Energy and Environment Reporter, New York Times
  • Richard Harris

    Science Correspondent, NPR