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U.S.-Pakistan Relations in the Biden Era: A Conversation with Moeed Yusuf

Date & Time

Jan. 21, 2021
9:00am – 10:00am ET
This event will be webcast live

U.S.-Pakistan Relations in the Biden Era: A Conversation with Moeed Yusuf

After a tense period during the first part of the Trump administration, U.S.-Pakistan relations have improved over the last few years amid the launch of a peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. However, with U.S. troops drawing down, the future of U.S. relations with Pakistan-which in Washington have long been viewed through the lens of Afghanistan-is uncertain. This online-only event will feature a discussion with Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Pakistan's national security advisor and special assistant to the prime minister on national security and strategic policy planning. He will discuss Islamabad's expectations for U.S.-Pakistan relations in the Joe Biden era, and what the situation in Afghanistan may mean for the relationship moving forward. 

This event will be webcast live on this webpage. You may submit questions for the speaker by tagging @AsiaProgram on Twitter or via email to


Moeed Yusuf

Special Assistant to the Pakistani Prime Minister on National Security and Strategic Policy Planning

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